Julia Bradbury’s Wainwright Walks Coast to Coast

Julia Bradbury Coast 2 Coast

To Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route

Accompanying the BBC television series, this book follows BBC TV Countryfile’s star Julia Bradbury as she re-traces Wainwright’s grand traverse. The much-loved fell walker Alfred Wainwright created one of the truly great walking challenges – to walk across the whole of England.  The Coast to Coast route was Wainwright’s last great venture and has become his greatest legacy to long distance walkers – a beautifully simple proposition, linking three national parks that lie between the Irish and the North Sea – The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales and The North Yorkshire Moors National Parks. The book collects together all six stages of the walk from the series, with Julia’s commentary on her experience of the walk accompanied by stills, evocative landscape photography, and AW’s celebrated line drawings. Julia crosses this changing landscape in sun, wind and rain, learns something of its history and meets the people that make up almost 200 miles of northern England’s most glorious countryside. Published to tie in with the 40th anniversary of the publication of Wainwright’s A Coast to Coast Walk.

Personalised copies available in advance from website
Publication date: 4th April 2013

Julia’s live talks: Oxford Literary Festival 12.00 noon on Sunday 17th March
Buxton Literary Festival 10.30am Wednesday 17th July

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Julia Bradbury’s Wainwright’s Walks Book – Out 1st November – Signed copies available from Website

Hi Everyone
So almost 7 years after the original Wainwright Walks series launched on BBC4 and continues to live on BBC2 as well as other multi channels, we’ve done a book!  Nobody expected our tv walks to be such a success but in a nutshell, you loved ‘em, so thank you very much!  The book is a mini- handbook to The Lake District and I also tell some behind the scenes stories about how we made the programmes and how hard it is to get a camera crew up a mountain.  there are also tips about pies and pints to be had in the area.  I hope you enjoy it and thanks again for your enduring support.
Julia x


Tying in with the BBC series Wainwright Walks …

Julia Bradbury’s

Wainwright Walks

For first timers or Lake District die-hards,

10 of Alfred Wainwright’s best walks

Publication date: 1st November 2012

In this companion volume to the acclaimed BBC series Wainwright Walks, Julia Bradbury follows in the footsteps of the famous fell-walker, author and artist A. Wainwright. The late Alfred Wainwright is known to millions who love the Lake District. His Pictorial Guides, published in seven volumes between 1955 and 1966, have become a definitive reference to 214 different peaks, inspiring generations of walkers to roam the Lakeland’s glorious fells.

In Wainwright Walks Julia sets out to retrace ten of Wainwright’s classic routes. She takes on Wainwright’s ultimate challenge,Scafell Pike,England’s highest mountain, as well as tackling some of the region’s remotest fells, discovering some of its most tranquil spots and climbing to the top of the legendary fellwalker’s final resting place, Haystacks. The walks are illustrated with Wainwright’s drawings, dramatic images from the TV series and evocative landscape photographs by Derry Brabbs

To order personalised signed copies please send your required message and cheque for £17.50 (inc p & p) to Matron Productions, PO Box 18612, London NW3 2GH


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i really didnt think the bbc would consent to advertising but my god julia is a big walking advert that is so sure of herself and sadly and i know of several people who have met her and are only of the same opinion……..we welcome ellie any day of the week shes so down to earth and comes over real genuine to the real people….not just,,,rab,,berghaus.barbour.north face etc etc etc….

Thank you for your email. For your information BBC guidelines dictate that we should do our very best not to give undue prominence to any one brand, label or product which is why we all endeavour to wear a wide range of clothing.

As for your comments about me being ‘sure of’ myself – I can only tell you that a little confidence is necessary to survive the meanness, criticism and prejudice that some people seem only too happy to bestow simply because ‘you’re on the telly’. Regarding other people that have met me: I am certain that the people you speak of do not include the lady that I have been writing to for the past 5 years since she sent a kind letter, in need of some friendship; it isn’t the 92 year former stranger that I invited into my family home only yesterday for a Sunday roast – following his fourth heart attack this year. (He started writing to me 3 years ago) , and I am certain that the 50 Scouts and volunteers I spent 2 hours with tonight after work, 110 miles from home, are grateful for my time.

I mention these things, not to try and prove I am a real person, but to point out, you don’t know me. My sister manages my emails and she was quite upset by your spiteful email. I don’t mind. It is part of the job. I only hope that your work colleagues and total strangers don’t judge you with such contempt.

If you have any free time perhaps you would consider volunteering for the Scouts – they are in desperate need of adults to help supervise the 35,000 children on the waiting list. I only hope you demonstrate more kindness and tolerance to them – should you decide to offer your services.

Yours sincerely

Miss Julia Bradbury

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.

- Kent M Keith

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So our Planet Earth Live adventure in Ely Minnesota is over.  It is goodbye to the black bears and the wall-eye fish. The Land of A Thousand Lakes has been kind to us, and Lynn Rogers and his team have been more than generous – sharing their knowledge and ever-increasing pool of information about the bears with us. I don’t think any of us will forget Ely and I certainly hope to come back,  but now it is time to return home where life will seem strange without a daily intake of bears.  ‘Hey Bear’ has become our toast every time we raise a glass…

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It’s the last week here in Minnesota…

I can’t believe we’ve been here nearly a month. Life has been a surprising mix of live show adrenalin fuelled days, wild bear walking deep in the woods, karaoke nights in the Steak House, and long late nights spent in the edit trying to get films ready.  We’ve made the local news, got caught in a forest fire, and eaten enough french fries to wear jeans with an elastic waist. My bear scent marking master-class with Dr Lynn Rogers has made it onto You Tube. Something to look back on when I’m 70! You can see it here….

BBC One – Planet Earth Live, Episode 6, Bear scent masterclass


And here’s a photo of me and Bear Man himself, taking the day he was a life guest on the show. He really does grunt and grizzle like a bear – in a very lovely way. His ambition is to explode the myth about wild black bears being aggressive scary animals…and I think Planet Earth Live has helped.

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the bears for a final time this week… here’s yearling cub Aspen looking naughty (he managed to wrangle the microphone fluffy cover off the camera shortly after this picture was taken)

That’s all from the BBBB (Bradders Black Bear Blog) for now


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“S’cuse aroundy!”

“S’cuse aroundy!”
So we’ve made it to show three already. Phew.  Predictable British press grumbles but the audience are enjoying PEL and everyone agrees, the wildlife footage is amazing from around the globe.  This photo shows me with Dr Lynn Rogers (Bear Man) and Juliet with her cubs Sam, Sophie and Sybil in the background.  Always have to pinch myself.  They’re wild bears.
We’ve made the front pages her in Ely, but as Diane the bar lady pointed out, everyone in Ely has made the papers at least twice.  That’s what happens in a small town.  Fishing season has begun and we’re waiting for an influx of people – already the lakes are busier.  the local fish is called Walleye, pronounced Wall-Eye,  not Wally as I keep calling it…. 
New vocab picked up:
Situation: man in bar walking around us and the pool table to get to the ‘rest room’
Vocab: S’cuse aroundy!
Situation: Narrowly missing a helicopter in the sky while flying in a sea-plane
Vocab: SNAFU (pilot) -  Situation Normal, All F**** Up
Going to bed now – up early to track bears (yearlings – approx 1 yr old cubs) and they move quickly.
Night y’all

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Burntside Lake

We filmed aerials for the series yesterday so it was all planes, boats and kayakes.

just another day in the office for Captin Bud

Bud, our pilot and boatman lives out here in Minnesota.  He and his wife are both pilots.  At the end of the season they drop their nets to catch enough fish to last them them the year, then they head to Mexico for 3 months.   Life swap anyone?


The man you need when you're in trouble.

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Beware of a big surprise……!!

It is so amazing to be so close to these wonderful creatures…..shhhh!

Please also visit my BBC Blog http://bbc.in/JiFbpH which has some footage of my encounter with a  grey whale calf in Mexico.   Wish you were here….?

Thank you BBC for giving me this wonderful opportunity.


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About to take off from Shagawana Lake in Minnesota

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If you go down to the woods today……………

How close should you get to a wild bear?  THIS close?  We will get closer
but this was my first encounter with a Mama Bear called Juliet, to check how she was doing with her three little cubs.  The cubs were no where to be seen so we decided to sit it out and see if they would appear.  We heard a rustling 60 feet up in the air at the top of the ‘refuge tree’ that Juliet
had chosen to bed down at for a few days, and sure enough about 30 minutes later I caught my first glimpse at one of the cutest young animals on the planet.  Did all three make it down?  you’ll see on May 6th BBC1.
I went for a walk/bad jog around the small town of Ely last night.  I’m
delighted to report a bowling alley, lots of liqueur stores  (including
Mike’s and Beaver’s), a steak house and about 5 churches.  I think there are more but I can’t categorically say whether more people here drown their sorrows in booze, or turn to God.

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